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The First Second Annual StrangeDog
Beer Battered Play Festival

Newer Writers. Newer Work. Newer Festival. Newer Everything!

Dad Brother, Reese Van Riper and Jess and Friends

March 8 + 9, 8pm, Tierney's Upstairs


Introducing the WINNERS of the 2013 Beer Battered Play Festival, to be performed for your viewing pleasure...

Hemlock Martini 
by Seth Freeman
Directed by Scott Aiello

Socrates - Jack Hayflick
Mixologist - CJ Allen

Socrates has been sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. He has a lot of questions for the guy who is assigned to prepare the final drink.

Seth Freeman has been writing for the theater, television, and print almost since the time of Plato.


Quality Time 
Written and Directed by Vin Berardi

Dad - Phil Casale
Mom - Talisa Patterson

When Dr. Phil is required to help raise your child, certain mistakes are inevitable.

Vin Berardi is an actor, director, writer, teacher-- if you come at Vin with a Muppet, it better be stronger than Elmo.


The Desk 
Written and Directed By Chelsea Holland

Dan - Vito Trigo
Jess - Molly Lisenco

What happens when the relationship is over but the spark remains?

Chelsea Holland is a born and bred New Yorker whose passions include bad horror movies, gluten-free baking and writing for the stage and screen.


Written and Directed by Joseph Palestina

Dr. Marsha Lannigan - Lyssa Mandel
Pail Viglione - Pier Baccaro

Bits is a play about communication.

Joseph Palestina is an artist of sorts.


Bookending the Evening are Our Selected StrangeDog House Plays...

written and directed by Ben Clawson
Featuring the talents of Frank Anderson and Jerry Matz

Killsign and Track 10 (A Bar-room Medley)
by Ben Clawson
Directed by Scott Cagney
Starring the comedic stylings of Brian Parks, Joe Drechsel and Sam Beedle

New Writers! New Works! Winning Plays!

A festival featuring exciting performances of new short plays that revels in the celebratory and communal nature of story telling. Hosted in the raucous environment of Tierney's Tavern Upstairs , The StrangeDog Beer-Battered  Play Festival focuses not just on exhilarating new works, but on the joy of reaching audiences in a non-traditional theatrical venue.

The Beer Battered Play Festival will feature five selected "winning" plays from over 60 submissions, as well as two StrangeDog made "house" plays. Come for these exciting new theatrical works, and stay to see who will be each night's recipient of The Drunken Judges Award!




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