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New Tricks

Once again we present for you five stories:
Comic tragedies. Tragic comedies.
Stories of love and loss.
Stories of loneliness and heroes,
Hunger and hope,
Dread and disappointment.

Folk tales and cautionary fables,
difficult confessions and post-coital confrontations,

chance encounters and sudden mournings.
We present for you,five stories.

New Tricks

At The Red Room
85 East 4th St. NYC

Thursday through Saturday Sept 13 - 29.
8:00 PM
tickets here

Presented by Horse Trade
Publicity by Emily Owens.

written by
Ben Clawson

directed by
Artem Yatsunov








Special thanks to everyone who came to check out our three part parade of miserable misogynistic masculinity, The Virilogy!

And thanks to all the press outlets who gave us such nice quotes to decorate our website with!

"This show has fantastic energy, and I was thoroughly engaged the whole time. Clawson's writing captures the balance between the easy banter of a group of old friends and the awkwardness of their attempts to discuss their feelings. Of course, the writing is brought to life as Cagney, Murgittroyd, and Hernandez let the action flow organically. "
- The Huffington Post (Full Article)


"As satire (and comedy) The Virilogy is immensely entertaining...Every bro mythology is faithfully reproduced and skewered with rapid fire jokes and gut busting physical comedy. It's like a live version of Archer, Family Guy, and Tosh.0 wrapped in a Taco Bell Dorito Taco."
- ( Full Article )


"Ben Clawson's clever dialogue is well executed by director Artem Yatsunov, as well as the talented cast who know how to milk every possible laugh from every quip, and time each joke perfectly."
- Theatre Is Easy (Full Article)


"An enormously well-written well acted, well directed play so full of laughs, heart, and surprises that the drinking-game part became secondary."
- The Happiest Medium ( Full Article )


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