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Dejected, discouraged and depressed, Jonathon arrives home from work to his miserable little apartment where he lives all alone.
...Well, he lives all alone with his roommates:
His dead dog on the couch, his dead grandpa at the table, and his ex-girlfriend locked in the closet
We're presenting an all new, hot off the presses production of last spring's Claire Went to France. After first premiering the production in the Village last May, we're pulling out all the stops for an exciting tightened, sharpened and revised new performance worthy of this awesome venue...
Hamilton Stage. A gorgeous, brand-new, state of the art, 10 million dollar 200 seat proscenium Theater. And for THREE days in December, it's all ours.
Claire Went to France at Hamilton Stage in Rahway
December 6-8 (new dates per weather postponement)
Tickets Available Here
360 Hamilton Street, Rahway NJ [map]
Written by Ben Clawson
Directed by Artem Yatsunov
Starring Scott Cagney, Megan Greener, Tony K. Knotts, Elizabeth Macintosh and Gary Martins.
"Inspired by a strange alchemy of styles derived as much from Samuel Beckett as Jerry Seinfeld, Claire Went to France tackles the heaviest of the existential questions with the apathy of a stand up comic."


"Mr. Clawson's dialogue is tragicomic gold… smart synthesis of dour absurdism and absurdly good humor reveals itself capable of carrying warmth with ease."
Local East Village, New York Times

"[A] lively and ambitious new play."

"Seeing the discussions we often have in our heads played out on stage is a fun concept."
The Village Voice

Praise for StrangeDog and Company Members

"Starting a new theater company certainly isn't an easy proposition, so how is StrangeDog Theatre managing to make it look effortless?"
Peter Filichia, The Star-Ledger(Bootstraps)

"A worthy historical drama…
with a surprising amount of grim comedy."

Michael Sommers, The New York Times
(on Ben Clawson's The Dangers of Electric Lighting)

"New Jersey's most promising playwright is coming along quite nicely… [He] has a little Sam Shepard in him, and a lot of Martin McDonagh, too. Best of all though, he has plenty of Ben Clawson."
The Star-Ledger (Omnivores)

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