StrangeDog is a nomadic troupe intent on creating new plays for both avid theatre-lovers and people who mistakenly think they don't like plays.

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Coming at you this March 8th and 9th at Tierney's Tavern in Montclair. It's the first return of...



We're thrilled to be back with our second festival of exciting performances of new short plays that revels in the celebratory and communal nature of story telling. Hosted in the raucous environment of Tierney's Tavern Upstairs , The StrangeDog Beer-Battered Festival focuses not just on exhilarating new works, but on the joy of reaching audiences in a non-traditional theatrical venue.

All submissions should come through this page, and should be submitted by December 15 20, 2012. Only one play may be submitted per author.

There is no submission fee.
Let's get going on this, you have left to send it to us.

Five (ish) new "winning" plays by emerging playwrights will be selected by our committee to be performed in the festival on Friday and Saturday March 8th and 9th.

Plays should be…

This is one of those "Self Production" Festivals

What kind of plays should you send?

The Drunken Judges Award: Each evening of performance will feature “The Drunken Judges Award” in which an non-industry non-professional (perhaps someone who has never even been to a play before) will be chosen, thoroughly inebriated,  and at the conclusion of the performance will select their favorite play of the evening.

Submit your script to our festival, right here using the below form. Submit it in .doc, .pdf or whatever. If we can't figure it out, you'll hear from us about it. You can do it with the form below. Also, submissions can be emailed to if you can't the form below to work. But if it does work, use that first. Again, use the form!

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at We'd love to help out!

If selected, you're cool with the fact that:
  1. You will be taking part of our non-competitive, friendly Play Festival.
  2. We can use your show, and name for promotion
  3. You will attend one madatory tech / planning rehearsal
  4. StrangeDog Theatre will provide the venue, as well as basic lighting and sound. You will provide the rest of your show.
  5. If you will have difficulty delivering item (4), you may contact us for possible assistance with all production needs. We can accomodations within reason with discussion and planning.
  6. The name submitted on the form should be that of the author/rightsholder to the work and should be able to be a primary contact.
  7. We don't need anything plagairized. We know you didn't write David Ives' Sure Thing.
  8. David Ives may submit Sure Thing. In doing so, he will receive a waiver of item (9) and one (1) drink voucher.
  9. All work should be unpublished.
  10. We're going to promote this, and we might record it.
  11. There's not submission fee, you don't need to sell a certain number of tickets, unlike other festivals we're not trying to drain you of your money.
  12. ... But we do like it when you sell tickets.

Now, wasn't that professional?

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