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Horse Trade Theater Group presents a StrangeDog. production of

Claire Went
to France

a new play by
Ben Clawson

directedy by
Artem Yatsunov

Tony K. Knotts
Gary Martins
Scott Cagney
Shannon Sullivan
Aliee Chan

Stage Manager
and Lighting Designer
Abby Hoke-Brady
Publicist Emily Owens
Costume Designer Steph Cathro
Set Designer Jessica Parks
Scenic Artist Sara Sciabbarrasi

May 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st + June 1st and 2nd - 7:30 PM

Under St. Marks Theatre : 94 St. Marks Place, NYC


Inspired by a strange alchemy of styles derived as much from Samuel Becket

as Jerry Seinfeld, "Claire Went to France" tackles the heaviest of the existential

questions with the apathy of a stand up comic. It hinges on the time specific fact

that currently being a twenty something in America is like no age or era ever to

come before it. With all the options in the world available they take none of them,

and with all the comforts in the globe no one seems pleased. Through examining

one character's specific directionless uncertainties, "Claire Went to France"

hopes to stumble on the universalities and cosmic comedy that are set into play

when each of us wake up every single morning.



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