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The First Annual StrangeDog
Beer Battered Play Festival

New Writers. New Work. New Festival. New Everything!

March 9 + 10, 8pm, Tierney's Upstairs


We're Pleased to Announce Our WINNERS
To Be Presented for Your Viewing Pleasure...

One Good Reason 
What he doesn't know may kill him

Written and Directed by  Rose Bochner    Starring Isabella Curti, Chris Kappel and Brett Solomon

(Rose is an NYU student with a love for theatre, a soft spot for Shakespeare, and a debilitating obsession with Alec Baldwin.)


…and on forever like this… 
In a seemingly never ending talk-show, Amateur Pornographer Skipp Sandwich, confronts his fears

Written and Directed by  Augie Praley    Starring Augie Praley, Steve DiUbaldol, T.B.D and Joslyn Jensen

(Lee August Praley is a playwright from Annapolis, MD, relocated to Brooklyn, NY, who focuses on the intricacies and absurdities of life's big questions.)


Peggy's Properties 
A math teacher presents a lesson on basic mathematical properties that gets a bit too personal for her seventh grade class.

Written by  MJ Halberstadt   Directed by  Brendon Votipka    Presented By Kyle Miller and Jake Mann of Dinner for One troupe    Allyson Condrath as Peggy 

MJ Halberstadt is a Boston-based playwright working towards his MFA in Playwriting at Boston University, after which he is open to suggestions)


A woman tries to buy only one shoe.

Written and Directed by  Madeline Hester    Presented By TBD

Maddie Hester is a playwright who almost never wears heels.


The Sighting 
Breaking the news about seeing your friend's ex-girlfriend drinking coffee can be an indelicate negotiation and a very stressful experience.

Written and Directed by  Josh McIlvain    Presented By Bert Archer and Josh McIlvain

Josh McIlvain is a widely produced playwright and theater artist based in Philly whose company SmokeyScout Productions has created several critically acclaimed and outrageously funny shows.



New Writers! New Works! Winning Plays!
A festival featuring exciting performances of new short plays that revels in the celebratory and communal nature of story telling. Hosted in the raucous environment of Tierney's Tavern Upstairs , The StrangeDog Beer-Battered  Play Festival focuses not just on exhilarating new works, but on the joy of reaching audiences in a non-traditional theatrical venue.

The Beer Battered Play Festival will feature five selected "winning" plays from over 100 submissions, as well as two StrangeDog made "house" plays. Come for these exciting new theatrical works, and stay to see who will be each night's recipient of The Drunken Judges Award!


Plus musical guests:

Tip Canary, The Micks and Black Water


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