StrangeDog is a nomadic troupe intent on creating new plays for both avid theatre-lovers and people who mistakenly think they don't like plays.

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created by
Ben Clawson
directed by
Artem Yatsunov

Ben Clawson, Stacie Lents, Joseph Palestina, and John Wooten

choreography by
Annalisa Ledson

May 15-31
at UNDER St. Marks

Tony K Knotts, Michelle Lupo, Tracy Shar, Annalisa Ledson, Gary Martins, Shannon Sullivan,
Seth Michael, Lee Ann Hoover, and David Hoffman

Lighting and Sound Design by
Harrison J Adams

Original Art Work by
Sara Sciarrabbarasi

Press Photography by
Anthony Gusevich

Stage Managed by
Rachael Tucker

Four screwed-up fairy-tales:

The Big Bad Wolf wears a short, short skirt, Rumpelstiltskin is tenured in the Ivy league, and Rapunzel is bleeding heavily from the scalp. Plus, Prince Charming seems to be developing a drinking problem. Hot off a nearly sold-out run at Luna Stage in New Jersey, the nomadic bi-state StrangeDog Theatre Company is coming across the Hudson with their evening of new plays that grab four age-old fairy-tales and throw them into a modern dilapidated apartment building.



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