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StrangeDog Theatre is
very pleased to
Announce the Winners of the

The Fourth EVER
(We're talking Very FOURTH)
First Annual
Beer Battered Play Festival


Tickets Available Here


Match Play by Seth Freeman

Class Reunion by Phoebe Farber

Loveeeeeeeee Play by James Tyler

After This... by Stephen Woosley

Sex, Lies and Online Dating or Love in the Time of Tinder by David Rimshnick

This years winners feature internet profiles gone awry, couples looking toward the future, couples looking back to the past, and couples looking for the nearest exit while our StrangeDog House Play ties the night of comedies together by reminding the audience not to ever make jokes about anything ever.

The evening comes complete with two beer-breaks, live music and post-show party, and the presentation of the coveted Drunken Judges Award.

The Very Fourth First Annual Beer Battered Play Festival
March 27th and 28th
Tierney's Tavern, Montclair
@ 8pm
Tickets Here and Now


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